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Educating for Change

Workshops are tailored to meet the needs of the client and provide informative, engaging and inspirational learning for change.  

Workshops topics include:

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism Literacy

  • The Impact of Unconscious and Implicit Bias on Organizational Culture, Achievement and Well-being

  • Identity, Intersectionality and Dimensions of Diversity

  • Emotionally Intelligent Communication and Tools for Transformative Dialogue

  • Transformational Leadership Competencies & Practices

  • Intercultural Competence Development


Roz is a wonderfully engaging and inspiring facilitator. She has a special ability to open up the room - to create a safe but brave space for honesty and transformation. Her workshops allow participants to ground themselves while simultaneously moving toward personal growth. It's a unique combination - one which I would encourage anyone to experience.


   E. Campeau

Roz has a wonderful way of making
personal connections

with others
which immediately puts them at ease
with her and each other. Then she
involves everyone in the learning,
inspiring new ideas and most
importantly, allowing time for the
new learning to progress and
transform into a personal evolution.

P. Mantha

Never just staying "on the surface", Roz has a gift for accurately reading relational dynamics and helping to identify and unpack core issues while delivering the message in ways that participants can really receive. 


I. Goren

Workshops are are customized to the needs of the client and sessions can be delivered in person or online.

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your needs and book a workshop that is right for you.

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