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DEI & Intercultural Competence Coaching


Employing the Intercultural Development Inventory™ as a foundational assessment tool, we can determine current mindset, capacity and ability to effectively navigate and bridge across cultural differences. We can also identify strengths and areas of development needed to increase intercultural competence. ​

I work with clients as a trusted guide to help them identify and remove any barriers or challenges that may be impeding the successful implementation of their DEI and Intercultural Competence Development goals. In a non-judgmental and collaborative process, we work creatively towards sustainable goals. 


Work with me to:

  • Build intercultural competence

  • Discover your strengths and areas for development in navigating and  bridging across differences

  • Develop the mindset, knowledge and skills critical to advancing DEI in your organization or community.

  • Promote equity in the workplace

  • Practice intentional allyship

  • Engage in courageous and transformative communication

  • Support an actionable DEI plan

  • Foster a culture of belonging


Coaching Packages are customized to the needs of the client and sessions are delivered online or over the phone.

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your needs and a package that is right for you.

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